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How to Overcome Social Anxiety With Mindfulness..

Social anxiety is something that can be crippling for some people. This prevents us from being able to talk in public, meet new people, or in some cases even go to the shops. It’s also one of the most common forms of anxiety there is.

In fact, almost all of us will experience it to some degree.

But while there’s no simple cure to this complex problem, using mindfulness can certainly make a huge difference.

What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help?

When we think of mindfulness, we might think of mindful meditation. In fact though, this is only one facet of a larger topic. Really, mindfulness just means being more mindful and aware of your own thoughts. It means being a little ‘self-reflective’.

In the case of a phobia or an anxiety like social anxiety, that effectively means learning to better recognize the stress-inducing thoughts that are causing your anxiety.

An example might be that you think:

“I’m going to stutter, and everyone will laugh.”

Or perhaps: What if what I say is stupid?”

The first step is in identifying precisely what it is that you’re afraid of. And from there, you can go about tackling it head-on.

Cognitive Restructuring That