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#6 Fantastic Experiences You Will Enjoy When You Embrace Your Weaknesses...

When someone asks you about your weaknesses, what do you say? Do you shy away and pretend like you don't have any, or do you proudly say they?

Several things happen when you learn how to embrace your weaknesses - all of these are good, positive things. It won't happen overnight, but if you learn how to confront and embrace your weaknesses, you are sure to enjoy these 6 experiences.

1. You Can Unlock Your Full Potential

There's something that happens when you let your weaknesses take over you: You hinder yourself from reaching your greatest capabilities. As soon as you're able to own up to the things you're not great at, you can start working on those things, AND you can free your mind from negative thoughts about yourself.

2. Sort Through Your Fears

Sometimes we think we're weak when in reality, we're just scared. Fear is universal; you're not alone. But they are not insurmountable. As you begin to embrace your weaknesses, you'll start to realize which of your weaknesses are really weak and which ones are just fears manifesting in the form of a weakness. How great would it be to conquer your fears and weaknesses at the same time?

3. You'll Meet Vulnerability

Most people don't want to be vulnerable, but there's a positive connotation to this word. Being vulnerable can mean being open, humble, and ready to put your guard down. In this context, being vulnerable is a good thing. When you look inward and think about how to improve yourself, you are vulnerable and willing to change yourself for the better.

4. Going Easy on Yourself

When we categorize our attributes as strengths or weaknesses, we're too hard on ourselves. On the other hand, once you confront your weaknesses and embrace them as part of who you are, you can be a lot easier on yourself.

5. Make Connections with Others

Have you ever felt like your weaknesses are holding you back from being your best self? Chances are, that's 100% true. When you feel weak, you don't feel like yourself. And you definitely don't feel like your best self. If you don't feel like your best self, how are others going to view you that way? It starts with the way you look at yourself, so once you confront your weaknesses, others won't see you as weak. They'll see you as a whole. Wholly you.

6. You'll Feel Okay Asking for Help

People who feel ashamed about their weaknesses are also embarrassed about asking for help. Let's debunk that concept right now. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Some of the most successful people have asked for help countless times. You're not on this planet to go through life alone. Tackling your weaknesses with the help of others is easier and much more effective. Not to mention, you'll grow closer in your personal relationships by humbling yourself and asking for help when help is needed.

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