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#5 Ways to Start Fresh this Year...

At the start of a New Year, we automatically think of fresh starts. After all, there's an entire year in front of you. Imagine the possibilities!

But isn't it funny how we obsess so much over making something so big and grand as a year perfect when we could be applying the same energy and enthusiasm to every single day? Think about it. What if you could make the most of today, focusing on the present moment? It's a heady thought.

Start With Letting Go...

You're never going to get anywhere if you're listening to the same old messages. Whatever you're carrying with you, be it past disappointments or failures or even heavier baggage involving old decisions or harmful circumstances, needs to be let go of. This is going to have to be a conscious decision made every day. Letting go means having room for new, better things in your life. That's why this is so important. Having trouble letting go? Don't be afraid to talk to someone for additional help if you need to.

What's Important Today...

Big goals are great, but sometimes they make it hard to see what you need to do right now. Today the goal is to focus on what needs doing in the here and now. Start each day with a set idea in mind of where your focus should be right now.

Drop the Distractions...

How can you get anything done today if you're caught in a mire of social media, email, and text messages? Today make the goal to put your attention where it matters most. Try turning off the internet for an hour or two to get some work done if it helps you to focus.

What is Your Happiness...

Happiness should not be a someday goal but a daily one. What makes you happy today? If you're not sure, start with exploring your passion to find it. A little time daily in what matters most is sure to bring both a brand-new smile and all the good feelings blossoming from doing what you love.

Decide Who You Are...

Did you know it's ok to create a fresh new you at the start of every day? This comes from realizing just who you are right now. What does the you of today need most? What benefits you in the here and now? Do what makes sense for you today.

Talk about fresh starts! With every day fresh and unspoiled, waiting for you to create, however you want, the world becomes a rather exciting place. This is magic waiting to happen, with you in control of what happens next. How great is that?

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