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#3 Ways Lying To Yourself Can Hurt You And Your Happiness!

It’s not uncommon for us to lie to ourselves. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, everyone’s done it. But is it healthy? That’s the question we’re going to answer in this article.

Whether you knowingly lie to yourself or not, the truth is that it’s an unhealthy practice. The human mind is a master of self-deception. You can easily convince yourself to believe something is true even though deep down you know it’s not. Here are 3 ways self-deception is hurting you:

1. You’re causing yourself unnecessary pain

It’s tough not being true to yourself. Instead of doing something you really want to do, you’re stuck doing something you hate. Why? Because you’re afraid of the consequences.

You’re probably doing it out of respect for someone else, but you forget that you’re also disrespecting yourself in the process. You probably think people are going to treat you differently if you don’t follow the norm. That may be true, but you really don’t need to put so much weight on what other people think of you.

2. You’re sacrificin