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Doing This One Thing Will Ensure You You're your Best Year Yet...

As you venture into a new year, it's natural to wonder how you can possibly make it the best one yet. The problem comes when you try to figure out the details of how this is supposed to happen. Typically, we tend to look for these answers in lists and resolutions, long detailed instructions involving work in every aspect of your life guaranteed to give you success.

What if you only needed to change one thing to make this happen?

Think about this: in every success, what was the one thing consistently part of the process which made it easier to get there? Likewise, in every failure, where did the greatest difficulties lie?

If we're honest with ourselves then we realize both answers are the same. It was the people around us who had the most significant impact in these moments. The best success typically has friends, mentors, support groups, and cheerleaders all of which are rooting for you. On the other hand, it's the naysayers, the critics, the problematic people who hold us back.

With this in mind, ask yourself this: Who do you want to hang out with in the New Year?